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[GET] Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python by Wolfram Donat


Learn Raspberry Pi Programming with Python will show you how to program your nifty new $35 computer to make a web spider, a weather station, a media server, and more. You’ll learn how to program in Python on your Raspberry Pi with hands-on examples and fun projects.

Even if you’re completely new to programming in general, you’ll figure out how to create a home security system, an underwater photography system, an RC plane with a camera, and even a near-space weather balloon with a camera.

You’ll learn how to make a variety of fun and even useful projects, from a web bot to search and download files to a toy to drive your pets insane. You’ll even learn how to use Pi with Arduino as well as Pi with Gertboard, an expansion board with an onboard ATmega microcontroller.

English | PDF/EPUB | 2014 | 256 Pages | ISBN : 1430264241 | 9.3 MB/5.1 MB



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