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Speedwriting “Crazy Man” and Computer Programmer Accidentally Spills His Embarrassing Copywriting Blueprint…
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My most beloved — and HATED subject — in grammar school, was English class.

Sure, creative writing was fun. I would think up really cool characters and drop them into exciting situations… just let my imagination run wild. Every time I wrote a short story, even with an outline, I never knew exactly how things were going to end.

Stories I Wrote, Movies and TV Shows I Watched…
Much Like the Stories You
Wrote, Read, and Saw As a Child…
Inevitably I grew up and had to learn the boring stuff like grammar and mechanics, and suddenly English class wasn’t fun anymore. I had to write essays and research papers.

Before I knew it, I was in college and professors were taking points off my score for having too many active sentences, “simple” words… and short sentences and paragraphs.

All through college (and beyond) I continued to write for fun. I wrote articles, I blogged, even copywriting became fun. I paid for several $400 mail order courses to teach me how to write articles quickly. I learned how to become an article writing machine… and make it fun!

You must have come up against the same roadblocks I came up against many times. Writing sales copy is too much of an art.

“I Have Writer’s Block…
I Don’t Know How to Sell…”
But What If I Told You There Was a Shortcut Available?

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