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[GET] Words That Work :Copywriting to Sell CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and Entrepreneurs – $227


Stop! Before you write any marketing copy, sales presentations, email or ads to impress CEOs, first find out what trigger words and phrases will work. And which “sales-killer” words to avoid in your copy. Critical for lead gen and sales campaigns.

Is your company trying to sell products or services to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs or entrepreneurs? Now there are copywriting guides to help you:

Write headlines for email, direct mail, PowerPoint slides, ads, and Web sites that galvanize C-level execs’ attention … so you can generate more leads and close more sales
AVOID words you think are “great copy” that actually make your sales prospects flinch
Make your prices seem like a true bargain – even if they’re higher than the competition’s

First, understand the psychology of company leaders … what motivates and what scares them:
You can write incredibly powerful copy only when you can get right inside your prospect’s head to understand what motivates and what worries him or her. That’s why Words That Work Guide starts with an easy-to-scan psychological profiles of your prospect, plus a words and phrases list for copywriting to them.

CEOs are not all alike – for example words that impress leaders with tech backgrounds might turn off CEOs with financial backgrounds – that’s why Copywriting to CEOs gives you separate profiles and words lists for:

CEOs with General Backgrounds
CEOs with Financial Backgrounds
CEOs with Engineering Backgrounds
CEOs with Operations Backgrounds
Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
Plus, entrepreneurs are utterly, completely different psychologically from CEOs of established companies. Your copywriting also has to be very different for this demographic – or you’ll lose the sale. Period.

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