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[GET] How To Develop Story Tension


TENSION. Nobody wants it. But every good story NEEDS … no, MUST HAVE it. Without tension, your story is as flat as a flapjack. Tension is the only way your story hero (or heroine) can demonstrate their strength and will to overcome adversity — to get over, through or above the person, place or thing that threatens their very existence.

Your story character must go through one (or more) tension-filled scenarios … and emerge from them a better person for it … if they are to win the admiration of your readers.

You can write your novel with perfect sentences, and deliver
heartbreakingly beautiful descriptions containing profound metaphors, but if
you don’t have tension in your story your reader is likely at any moment to
put it down.

There are three fundamental reasons your story may not have tension:

1. The narrative does not have an Outer Story.

2. The narrative’s story arrow from the Outer Story is not clearly

3. The narrative’s story arrow is not moving forward.

This e-book explores practical methods, including an amazing five minute trick, that you can use to automatically develop tension in your

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