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[GET] Layna’s List of Fun and Informative Lynda and Udemy Courses


Here is a list of fun and informative courses you can “git” right now. Pardon my silly play-on-words but I’m referring to the Persian download site called “” — it’s a veritable playground of courses you can download immediately to learn a computer programming language, learn to operate a small business, and so much more.

In this share, I’m giving you the links to a handful of courses from and … just to illustrate the kind of stuff you will find there.

I’ve written quite a few posts on the BBHF about Persian download sites and you can say I’m all ga-ga over ’em because of both the superior quality and sheer quantity of what you’ll find there.

If you’re interested in seeing those posts, you can read them below … or copy and paste the links in a notepad document so you can visit them at a later date.

Some of the Persian download sites require passwords to access what you download but isn’t one of them. So you can get started learning instantly after the download with no password necessary!

Where indicated, you will see the original release date of a course along with the date it was updated.

So please don’t pass over a course that was first released in 2015 if it was later updated to be current (2017-2018). It would definitely be worth it to download if you are interested in the subject matter.

So, without further ado, here is …



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