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[GET] Alternatives To


That site has so much to look through and download that my eyes nearly popped from their sockets! A veritable gold-mine!

I love looking for information. Hunting for “stuff” of value to download.

And to share here on the forum with you all, of course.

For me, the chase is often more exhilarating than the find.

How about you…?

If you’re half as excited as I am to “find stuff” of real value, then I’m pleased to share with you a list of sites similar to the one above.

These sites focus on finding everything from
+ addresses
+ classmates
+ jobs
+ library collections
+ newspapers
+ scholarships
+ torrents
+ … and much more!

The easiest way to get this…

* Click the Magic Button below
* Highlight the entire list using your cursor (be sure to use the slider bar in the window to grab the entire list … it’s fairly lengthy)
* Copy the list you just highlighted
* Open a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad
* Click inside a blank document and Paste it all there
* Name it Search Sites or whatever you decide to call it
* Save it on your desktop or wherever you choose to save it.

Some of the sites may be old or no longer exist online. Please don’t balk about it; just move on to another one. This is just a reference list you can use to search when you are looking for people, places or things … like downloads.

This list is in no particular order. I didn’t care to re-arrange the list.

So, without further ado…



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