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[GET] The Laugingbird Viral Puzzle Pak


The Viral Puzzle Pak – $37
30 Viral Puzzles for you to modify and upload to your site or social media channels! Get your visitors talking (and with this set, they WILL talk! Believe me!) Includes background graphics and other elements for you to customize the templates

Did you know that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will push your posts to the top if there’s a lot of ‘activity’ with the post? Getting your visitors talking can be a little tricky.

But when you use these viral puzzles, your visitors will post! … and post and talk and debate… and post some more!
I posted one of these puzzles in the Laughingbird Software Facebook Group… and people went nutts (in a good way 😀 ) trying to solve the puzzle!
Look! I posted this and gained over 200 comments!

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