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[GET] Easy ProShow Gold/Producer Slideshows for Beginners (Free)


Do you possess images that evoke memories you’d like to retain… maybe even imortalize?

Family? Friends? Vacations? Marriages? Births? Even deaths?

What about photo albums? Event announcements? Or corporate advertisements?

ProShow is the best Windows based software tool for producing professional quality image and video slideshows.

For fun or for profit, in this one hour training course I will…

First, I’ll demonstrate how to create a wedding video slideshow in just 6 minutes using ProShow themes to handle all the details.

Then, after showing you the finished wedding slideshow, I’ll explain in detail just how I managed to create that slideshow in just 6 minutes using only 4 steps:

I. Select Your Slideshow Theme Using the Wizard
II. Organize and Select Your Art
III. Select and Time Your Music
IV. Produce Your Finished Slideshow Video
In the first course project, you’ll be guided through the process of creating your own ProShow theme based slideshow in just 6 minutes.

Additional video instruction explains how to upload your slideshow video to Youtube and share it in the Q&A section of this course (or Facebook).



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