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[GET] New! Memory Experts’ Tools Bundle: 6 Courses in 1



With more than 6 hours of video lectures in 6 courses and with a lot of useful supplemental resources, this course will help you to really improve your memory and will give you the tools you need to make lasting improvements in your life, your studies and in your career.

At the end of this course, you will have all the tools, the entire Memory Arsenal, for becoming a Memory Athlete.

In the next lessons you will find actionable, easy-to-apply techniques and activities that can be used immediately to ensure your success in different situations that you face every day.

Here are the 6 courses of the series(so far):

1. Memory Experts’ Tools: The Loci Method

2. Memory Experts’ Tools: The Person-Action (Dominic) System

3. Memory Experts’ Tools: The PAO(Person-Action-Object) System

4. Memory Experts’ Tools: The Major System

5. Memory Experts’ Tools: The PEG System

6. Memory Experts’ Tools: Memorize Playing Cards like a PRO

The Memory Experts’ Tools series will be continued with other courses, dedicated to the most powerful mnemonic techniques, presented in detail and with a lot of examples.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey to improving your memory, or you already have notions in this area, I am convinced that in this course you will find new and interesting things to apply to your daily activities.

Keep in mind that these methods and systems are tested and used by memory experts and they will also work for you.

Although I am not the one who invented these methods, I hope I will be a good teacher to help you understand what I wanted to present to you in this course.

I’m sure you will find them very useful!



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