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TradingProTools is a Premium private internet Trading, Hacking, Graphics, Forum resources, Tutorials and Courses forum.

We decided to make this forum paid to limit the access to the exclusive content we propose. You will be able to access to the TradingProTools Elite Special VIP Private Sections, all the content will be accessible to you and you will be able to post on threads.

Donations to TradingProTools will be used to support the forum’s cost such as hosting, software updates and adding new features to the forum. Thanks to your donations, we buy the tools that cannot be cracked for the moment or which are the most requested here to share it exclusively with you!


The Price is only $30 FOR A WHOLE YEAR! 


To donate and become a VIP Member, simply contact us and we will give you the payment instructions to follow. Click here to know more! We accept VIP donations through Payoneer, Neteller, Bitcoin and Paypal. Please allow us up to 12 hours to answer your VIP request. Once it is done, please check your forum inbox to get your VIP Membership, by clicking the orange “Notifications” button as shown below.


Why should you join our Private forum? 

What will you be able to find and download it in TradingProTools private forum?

  • All the best trading tools, strategies, and bots: No dead links, we are always updating the links and also the versions of the software to the match the latest updates.
  • Exclusive WordPress Plug-ins, Scripts, Templates and Themes: Do you want a better WordPress? This is for you!
  • Backlink Packages, Packets, and Footprints: Improve your SEO methods!
  • VIP’s Private Source Code and Script Collections
  • Exploits and Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking and Security Tutorials: Perfect if you want to start in the world of hacking or continue learning.
  • Hacking Tools and Equipment: You bet that hackers have the best tools, and here they are for you!
  • Hacking sBooks: All about hacking in hundreds of eBooks!
  • Craked Programs: Tons of software cracked and updated regularly.
  • YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Bots
  • VIP Marketing and Bussiness Sections: Tutorials, Methods, Seminars…
  • Copywriting Section
  • Private Source Code, Script, and Plug-in Collections: Checked and working!
  • Advanced YouTube Video Ranking and Strategies
  • Miscellaneous Products: You look for something that goes out of the ordinary? It is probably in there!
  • UDEMY VIP Section: Free courses, discounts and Skillshare section updated every day
  • Adult Content: Methods, tutorials, and tips
  • Classic Collections of Courses
  • vBulletin, MyBB, Xenforo, IP Board Paid Themes / Templates and Mods: Need a pain plug-in or template for your forum and do not want to buy it? So get it here for free!
  • Private Proxies List: Tested and working, updated every day.
  • Request and Help Section: Talk to us about your issues, request any software you want!
  • Larger PM box: Unlimited PM Capacity
  • Ability to use links and images in your signature (for advertising)


You will be able to access all the special tools originaly cracked by our Exclusive Team, the ★ Min0t4ur Elite Team ★ !

More information about the Min0t4ur Team here.



But the Best Thing you have to know is that membership is FOR A WHOLE YEAR !